Manifest Food Management caters for private events throughout London, the South East and further afield. We also offer a full suite of food consultancy services to hospitality businesses nationwide.

Our Chef Director, Dan Blucert, can design bespoke menus to meet any and all requirements – but he and the team have a specialist interest in plant-based cuisine.

Dan was developing innovative plant-based menus long before the trend for veganism exploded in the UK. He identified sooner than most that the world of meat and two veg is well and truly over; now, we live in a society that asks more from the food we eat, and it’s his belief that prioritising the plant is the key to an exceptional modern dining experience.

kimchi salad

Though he himself is well acquainted with many types of cuisine, Dan works with a small team of hand-picked chefs from a variety of backgrounds. By bringing some of the industry’s greatest minds into the fold, he is continually collecting insider knowledge of the latest trends in the food space from talented professionals who are committed to instigating change. The result? Delicious, exciting, boundary-breaking dishes that champion the use of sustainably sourced, plant-centric ingredients.

Manifest Food Management is based in London but works throughout the UK. For more information on Dan’s approach, or the wide range of private catering and food consultancy services on offer from our expert team, contact us directly.